7 days 7 songs #4

So I’ve changed my blog name, I’ve chosen ‘no repetitive beats’ as a reference to the 1994 Criminal Justice Bill that prohibited the gathering of 20 or more people playing music that was “wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”. I wanted something to reflect the musical theme of my blog and my interest in rave culture and electronic music. I’ve missed a week of 7 days 7 songs BUT i’m back, hope you enjoy this week’s choices…



REVIEW: Nao – For All We Know

Rating: 4/5

Punchy, electro-funk with quirky vocals and soulful melodies, Nao’s debut LP For All We Know places her firmly into the mix of Britain’s promising new artists.


7 days 7 songs #2

Last week all the songs I chose were old, some really old and some just from the past few years but I’ve been listening to a few brand new songs this week. If I post a new song (eg. it has been released in the past month or so) I will put a * in front of it.

A lot of the music I listen to is electronic music, but not exclusively so I’ll try to include a range of genres as I go on.