Two weeks in Melbourne

As you may be aware, two weeks ago Tom and I moved to Melbourne, Australia. We plan to stay here for around six months before travelling around the rest of Australia! Throughout our time here I will be documenting our experiences but also the music scene, new artists I’ve come across and the music events all around the city.

In my first two weeks here I’ve got myself a job in a bar in St Kilda, moved from a hostel into a house share and have started to explore this fantastic city. I’ve fallen in love with Melbourne already, it’s so vibrant and colourful,  full of so many interesting people from different countries and cultures and really feels like a city that never sleeps. Despite the fact that the weather is extremely temperamental, I love it. Here’s a few pictures from our time so far…

Music wise, like much of the world, house music is bigger than ever over here. There’s no shortage of house and techno nightclubs as well as events and festivals, with loads more planned for the summer.

Before arriving in Australia I had booked tickets to see Bicep, a DJ/production duo from Belfast. They played at Brown Alley in Melbourne’s CBD on 29th September. I really liked Brown Alley, it was extremely dark and had a number of different rooms and staircases meaning if you’re anything like me and love going for a wander on a night out, it’s perfect.

Bicep didn’t disappoint, it was the fourth time I had seen them this year  and they always bring something new to the table. They release new material, whether it be edits or original music, fairly regularly so they never get boring.

Here are a couple of standout songs from the night…

Samba de Retorno – Bicep edit

? – I have no idea what this song is called, I just know Bicep have been playing it at their recent shows and it’s going to be featured on their upcoming album, due for release in 2017!

I am absolutely spoilt for choice with DJs playing in Melbourne in the upcoming months and I am hoping to see a fair few. I’ll be posting event reviews, music reviews and some of the music I come across whilst I’m out here!


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