7 days 7 songs #2

Last week all the songs I chose were old, some really old and some just from the past few years but I’ve been listening to a few brand new songs this week. If I post a new song (eg. it has been released in the past month or so) I will put a * in front of it.

A lot of the music I listen to is electronic music, but not exclusively so I’ll try to include a range of genres as I go on.

Week 2…

  1. *Operator – Lapsley (DJ Koze Disco Edit) – Lapsley is amazing, her voice is so beautiful and I absolutely love the production of her music. Usually I don’t like remixes of songs when I’m already a big fan of the original however this is an exception. The DJ Koze Disco Edit of her song Operator is brilliant, it sounds like it was always meant to be produced like this.
  2. *Melt – JONES – I came across singer JONES this week, her voice is gorgeous and soulful. This song is so chilled and lovely.
  3. Missing You – Norwood Cassette Library – I’ve been listening to a lot of funk and soul and disco house at the moment, this is one of my favourites that  I’ve come across recently.  
  4. Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! (You Don’t Like My Music) – K.I.D. – I was watching a Mr Scruff DJ set earlier in the week and he played this song, its so funky I love it.  
  5. Acid Test – River Tiber – River Tiber is a Canadian singer/songwriter/producer, I love his style of dreamy, synthy, RnB. His debut album Indigo is definitely worth a listen, I can see him getting big in the next few years. This song is my favourite from the album.  
  6. All the Same Family (Mr Onester Original Mix) – Lee Rodriguez – This song has the power to make you want to go out and dance every time you hear it.  
  7. *Lovelee Day – Bicep Remix – This is a new remix from duo Bicep, it’s good old fashioned, summery house and I expect that a lot of DJ’s will be playing it this summer.

Comment below and let me know what you think of this weeks songs!


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