7 days 7 songs #1

I spend a hell of a lot of time listening to music and talking about new music I’ve found so I wanted to start a new series of posts about the music I’m into, I’ll try post every Sunday (try being the operative word) with seven songs I’ve been listening to that week.

Here goes week one…

  1.  So In Love feat Shinghai – Auntie Flo – I first heard Auntie Flo DJ at a night in Sheffield a few months ago and fell in love with his distinct musical style, electronic music with African and Asian influences. This is the stand out from his album ‘Theory of Flo’. 
  2.  Don’t You Want My Love – Debbie Jacobs – I heard a DJ play this song in a club earlier in the year and haven’t stopped playing it since. You cannot be sad when listening to this song, amazing feel-good 70s disco. 
  3. What’s A Girl To Do – Fatima Yamaha – I adore this song, it’s so atmospheric and almost emotional somehow. Really chilled house, it’d be ideal for beach listening. 
  4. Konnichiwa – Skepta – Skepta’s 2016 album Konnichiwa is, in my opinion one of the best albums of the year. He absolutely killed it at Glastonbury and the title track is my favourite song from the album. 
  5. Worry ‘Bout Us – Rosie Lowe – Rosie Lowe has a gorgeous voice, she really reminds me of Banks who I’m a big fan of. Her music has influences of RnB with electronic beats mixed in, I’d definitely recommend giving her debut album ‘Control’ a listen, particularly this song. 
  6. King Bromeliad – Floating Points – Floating Points is one of my favourite producers, this is an old one of his but I love it. He played it when DJing B2B with Four Tet at Glastonbury and it just sounds amazing with proper speakers at a club/festival.  
  7. Sweets Dreams, TN – The Last Shadow Puppets – Despite the fact that Alex Turner and Miles Kane seem to be on a completely different planet to the rest of the world at the moment, they make really good music. They opened with this at Glastonbury and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. 




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