REVIEW: Colour Freedom Metallic Glory Silver Grey

After trying almost every silver toner on the market, I have finally found a product that works and will make your hair grey/silver without going to the hairdressers!

I have wanted to colour my hair silver/grey for a long time now, but as someone who really doesn’t enjoy going to the hairdressers I was determined to do it myself.

Previously I have tried Colour-Freedom Silver Blonde toner, Jerome Russell maximum colour silver toner, Crazy Colour Silver and Bleach London Silver Shampoo; all with little success.

I was about to admit defeat when I came across Colour-Freedom Metallic Glory in Superdrug for £5.32 (reduced from £7.99). As opposed to simply a toner, it’s a permanent dye that comes in 5 shades: silver blonde, silver grey, graphite grey, stone grey and metallic black, I chose silver grey.

I bleached my hair earlier in the week with Bleach London Total Bleach and Bleach London White Toner so it was the right base colour for this dye – albeit a bit patchy!



The product goes on really easily and is a nice consistency, one packet was just enough for my hair but I would recommend two packets if your hair is much longer.

I left it on for around 20 minutes, the recommended time is 25 minutes however my hair already looked pretty dark so I washed it out and used the conditioner.


Finally! A product that actually makes your hair grey/silver. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first as it was a little darker than I hoped but I really like it now. I can’t comment on the permanency of it yet but if you’re looking to go grey or silver without the awkwardness of the hairdressers then this is something that I would 100% recommend!


Emily x



  1. Your hair looks fantastic.. I’ve purchased the colour to do my hair but looks like I’m going to need to bleach my hair to get this to work going by your hair colour! As I’ve already stripped the brown out of it so it’s loads lighter but not blonde. Didn’t really want to go down the bleach road but your hair looks awesome so might be worth it.
    Superdrug in Walsall has this colour plus all the other ones too xx


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